Last week Tuesday we passed the funding deadline without achieving our goal but a whole bunch of things have happened and we have extended the deadline until October 30th, 2014.  

During the conference 'Baumpflegetage' in Augsburg, Germany in May ArborMaps was introduced to the community and the reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Quite a number of partners were found who actively helped the project. 

1). The English version of the homepage went online. A big thank you to all helpers! 

2). The image film (until now only in German) was prepared and went online. A big thank you to Mrs. Rech and Mr. Weinert! Without them the film would not have been possible. 

3). Currently we have financial commitments of 7.770,- €. Thank you to all contributors!

Since we are currently in discussion with various organisations who are interested in getting ArborMaps off the ground and the holiday season being upon us (the ArborMaps-Team will be back on August 18th) we have decided to extend the funding deadline until October 30th, 2014.

We look forward to and are confident that we can realise ArborMaps with your help.


Best regards and come back soon,


Your ArborMaps-Team